User Research and Testing

With qualified Arabic & English speaking researchers, a fully equipped Usability Lab and a specialist team of participant recruiters, whoever your users and whatever your product, we have the capabilities to discover the insights that will help you succeed.

UX research is what tells us who your users really are and what they need and expect from your product. Done effectively, it ensures that design decisions are made based on data rather than opinion.

At UXBERT Labs, we routinely run English & Arabic research with users of all types. Whether it’s face-to-face interviews, field studies, usability testing or even a survey, our team has the experience and expertise to carry out both Qualitative and Quantitative research projects from start to finish.

Partnering with our UX Researchers your organization can:

  • Reduce development costs by only building features users need
  • Minimise the risk of your product failing
  • Increase conversion rates and sales
  • Gain empathy for the people who’ll be using your designs.
  • Understand the cultural, behavioral modes of your audience so that your designs fit existing behaviors

Sample Tools, Methods & Deliverables:

  • Ethnographic research
  • In-depth Interviews
  • Usability Testing
  • Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Analytics
  • Diary Studies
  • Beyond your customer’s expectations in terms of ease of use and visual design
  • Intuitive and intelligent providing the right information at the right time to help users successfully complete their tasks
  • Fully capable of seamlessly performing desired functions while providing users with a pleasurable experience

Local Expertise Combined With Global Reach

At UXBERT Labs, we’re proud to be Saudi Arabia’s 1st fully-fledged UX & CX Research, Design and Development consultancy. Our on the ground presence in the centre of the capital of one of the largest markets in the region make us the perfect partner for global businesses looking to reach the Arab market.

Whatever your Arabic or English UX Research needs, we have the expertise to deliver you unique and actionable insights from your target users.

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