About Us

Digital Haute Couture
Since 1435 AH 😉

We are a group of digital craftsmen with international expertise dedicated to helping your business grow and engineering beautiful experiences.

Come and meet us at Saudi Arabia’s first usability lab.


With offices in the heart of Riyadh, Dubai Design District, and Central London, UXBERT Labs is an award-winning CX/UX, Digital Innovation and Experience design lab. We’re the only innovation lab in the region focusing on scientifically proven e-commerce and digital product research, training, consulting, design and development.

Hosting the first Usability Lab in the Kingdom, we use state of the art technologies like eye tracking research devices and industry-leading usability research software to bring Saudi businesses a facility where they can focus on user research, evaluation and user testing of all their web and mobile applications and services across various devices and browsers.


The team consists of certified usability and user experience professionals that spend their days creating in-house UXBERT products, researching, consulting and training companies and entrepreneurs for their products.

UXBERT Labs is also a startup accelerator that provides entrepreneurs with start up capital, resources and lean UX and MVP business expertise to test, validate and present their ideas and get their startups off the ground.

Our Beliefs

We believe in designing and building web and mobile applications that work for people, NOT the other way around. From research, to design, to testing, we do not stop until your customers are smiling and your business is booming. We do this by practicing scientific, data-driven techniques and processes that our expert consultants have perfected over the years.

The clients we work with depend on us to ensure that their websites, applications, intranets and products are designed to meet their user’s needs and their business’s goals. We are experts in User Experience, Usability Engineering & User Research and helping our clients and their customers achieve their full potential is why we do what we do.


Everyone on the UXBERT Labs team believes in and is guided by the philosophies and principles that we champion. Namely, the singular belief that by designing for the needs of the user we are able to create products that are loved by all. This carries through in our partnerships with clients. For us, there’s nothing better than working, learning and creating together. We are proud of the work that we do, and the people that we work with.


  • Nadeem Bakhsh
    Nadeem Bakhsh Senior UX Consultant

    11 years of UX experience in the UAE, UK and USA. Nadeem has a Master’s in Electronic Technologies for Business specializing in Usability, and a background in Genetics and Computer Science from the University of Manchester. Nadeem speaks human and thinks in code.

    FAHEEM BAKHSH Managing Partner

    9 years of management experience in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. American educated with a BBA in Marketing & Business Management from the American University in Dubai. Managing partner of Faheem Bakhsh Holding for the past 8 years, serial entrepreneur with 7 successful companies. Faheem inspires and leads the team’s vision.

  • Yousef Shanti
    Yousef Shanti UI / UX DESIGNER

    8 years of user interface and user experience design in Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Jordan educated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Hashemite University. Yousef specializes in User Interface Design focused on delivering engaging designs with rich aesthetic User Experiences.

  • Farrukh Bandey
    Farrukh Bandey UX Research Manager

    9 years of market and user research experience in Saudi Arabia, UAE and UK. British educated with a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management from Middlesex University and a Bachelor’s degree in Law. Farrukh Specializes in User Research, User Experience, Digital Marketing and Content Strategy.

  • Mohamed Imran
    Mohamed Imran Senior UX Consultant

    10 Years of UX design experience in Dubai. The creative genius is UX Certified by NN/g, has a multimedia degree and manages UX research and development at dubizzle.com by day, founder of UXhelp.me and unicorn hunter at night!

    SEBASTIAN DIETZEL Senior Engineering Consultant

    17 years of computer engineering experience spreading from Germany to the UAE. Sebastian is a software engineering & architecture genius that is the director of the largest web technology team in the Middle East by day, handling millions of requests, photos and users per second and dreams in binary by night.

  • Omar Inam
    Omar Inam Senior Mobile Developer

    4 Years of native mobile development experience as an entrepreneur in Riyadh. The mobile genius, has a Masters in Business Administration and managed strategy projects at PWC for more than 3 Years. After a freak accident with his computer,  he woke up with supernatural coding powers, resigned from the corporate jungle and starting building incredible apps.

    TEEBA ALKHUDAIRI Senior Business Analyst

    6 years of professional management experience in Canada, France, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Teeba is the youngest Saudi to graduate with an MBA from Harvard and has a background in biomedical engineering. Previously with Johnson & Johnson and Louis Vuitton, Teeba recently founded the Flow Ground, bringing joy to business.

    ZEESHAN MALLICK Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

    13 years of international digital marketing and management experience in over 38 countries with the biggest names in the world. Originally from London, UK with a degree in International Business & Marketing and ICA in business coaching and mentoring.  Currently CMO of Ztudium.com and Professor at Inseec Business School, every word he tweets turns gold.

  • Noman
    Noman Senior Web Developer

    15 years of web engineering expertise has given Noman superhuman powers. This programming genius can engineer perfectly using the latest technologies while eating, dancing or sleeping. Caution: Do not disturb once ITZ (In The Zone), he will code you out of existence.

  • Mahmoud
    Mahmoud Technology Lead
  • Masood
    Masood FrontEnd Developer
  • Ahmed
    Ahmed Service Design Consultant
  • Mujaddid
    Mujaddid Experience Wizard
  • Saad
    Saad Business Development Specialist
  • Saikul
    Saikul Front End Developer
  • Bilal
    Bilal Software Engineering Wizard
  • Mostafa
    Mostafa Software Engineering Consultant
  • R2D2
    R2D2 VP of Interaction Experience

    38 Years of experience in Human Computer Interaction, R2 is the senior robot in residence at the UXBERT Usability Labs. Do not mention Darth Vader in front of him.

  • You?
    You? Title Coming Soon!

    If you’re talented and passionate, get in touch for the opportunity to do meaningful, challenging and FUN work! It could be the start of something beautiful!