UX Director

UX Director Job Available in Riyadh

We believe the User Experience is what matters. We love to create simple products that people love to use through scientific usability, user psychology and consumer behavior research.

Uxbert is Saudi Arabia’s first User Experience, Usability and Ecommerce research, training, consulting, design and development company in Riyadh.

It features the first Usability Lab in the Kingdom. The Uxbert Usability Lab is equipped with state of the art technologies like eye tracking research devices and industry leading usability research software to bring the Saudi ecommerce and online market and entrepreneurs a facility where they can focus on user research, evaluation and user testing of all their web and mobile applications and services across various devices and browsers.

The team consists of certified usability and user experience professionals that spend their days creating in-house Uxbert products, researching, consulting and training companies and entrepreneurs for their products.

Uxbert is also a startup accelerator that provides entrepreneurs with start up capital, resources and lean UX and MVP business expertise to test, validate and present their ideas and get their startups off the ground.

At our company, we believe in making the world a better place for everyone. We believe in making the world user friendly. We fight for the users, by scientifically studying user psychology, behaviour and consumer economics we innovate using user centered design processes with the newest technologies to create beautifully designed lovable products and services that are simple to use and user friendly.

Job Description

Do you want to love what you do at work? Do you want to make a difference, an impact, transform peoples lives? Do you want to work with a team that believes in disrupting the normal, boring and average?

Are you passionate about your skills and talents? Are you a people person? Would you love to research, tinker and experiment with the latest human interaction interface trends and technologies like touch devices, mobiles, smart watches, TVs, glasses , smart TVs/displays and even 3D virtual reality glasses? Do you aim for excellence and achieve it with a smile? Do you want to work in a fun, creative, open minded environment where you find inspiration and learn something new everyday? Then you should apply for this awesome job at the Uxbert Usability Lab today.

Key Responsibilities

The Director of UX has one main agenda, which is leading the UX department in growth and excellence by promoting collaboration in the department, creating a positive environment, embodying the business/product values and, assisting in the achievement of product goals.

The Director of UX also conducts research and documents findings, creates consumer scenarios, and creates strategy documents and content to supply to the UX department personnel as well as collaborating product departments. The most prominent collaborating departments that the Director of UX works with are the product strategy department and the product design department.

He also works with other product management departments to ensure consumer requirements and needs are considered and incorporated in the product from the conceptualization to the realization of the product.

The Director of UX is also responsible for the delegation of responsibilities appropriately to the UX personnel while still maintaining the ultimate liability and accountability for the execution of each of those responsibilities. In his leadership capacity, he also mentors, encourages, fosters, and supports intelligent innovation and risk taking in order to create and deliver business models that improve the consumer interaction and experience with the product and deliver the best financial performance to the business.


Education: The Director of the UX department has to have a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Economics, Design, Engineering, or an equivalent in working experience.

Experience: A suitable candidate will have over 10 years’ experience in sales or product-related design or software management positions, preferably in consumer engagement and consumer experience.

How to apply

Put together your CV, an online portfolio link of your work, and email them to us with a covering letter in the form of an email, explaining why we should hire you, what you’d bring to the team and feel free to stand out creatively. The more you stand out from the ordinary, the more likely you’ll get our attention. In the interest of preventing spam and batch applications, please email your application to careers [at]