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Award winning UI/UX Design & Development Agency in Saudi Arabia, UAE & UK

Digital Haute Couture
Since 1435 AH 😉

We are a group of digital craftsmen with international expertise dedicated to helping your business grow and engineering beautiful UI/UX Design.

Expert Specialist Services

UXBERT Labs’ UI/UX Design Process

Got 3 minutes to spare? Watch a video of UXBERT’s web design process.

Forbes List for Top Saudi Entrepreneurs

At UXBERT Labs, we’re a big picture, long term vision, kind of team. We don’t believe in doing things just because it’s what everyone else does. We DO believe that when you’re passionate about the projects you work on, are ready to take intelligent risks and committed to designing, building and delivering the entire user experience, amazing things can happen. That’s the belief we bring to our work every single day. And we know we’re not the only ones. Working together with entrepreneurs and visionaries from every walk of Saudi society, we’ll help shape our country’s future. The sky’s the limit.

National Infographic Visual Dashboards

We’re data geeks. We believe in data based intelligence which is why we collect, inspect, analyze and then build with data. But we also believe in beautiful; data doesn’t have to look boring to be usable. From UI dashboards for government agencies to gorgeous infographics for industry leaders, we’ll guarantee people listen when your data talks through our user-centric UI/UX Design.

Jedi’s of UX: Destination Riyadh Magazine

UI/UX Design

It’s been a crazy ride so far. Our full time team of over 100 started as a team of two in the center of Riyadh with the country’s 1st commercial usability lab. We’ve now got a full-blown team of UXBERTs ready to spread the word and fight for the user! And the best part? We’re only just getting started…

UI/UX Design & Usability Training Courses

Our team believes User Experience is a philosophy, not just a job. That’s why we love to preach what we practice.
Develop your skills in UI/UX Design and learn from the best in our expertly designed training courses.

  • Location
  • Languages
  • Ecommerce Pro

    5 days
    • London / Dubai / Riyadh
    • Arabic / English

    3 days
    • London / Dubai / Riyadh
    • Arabic / English
  • Digital Marketing Pro

    5 days
    • London / Dubai /Riyadh
    • Arabic / English

We also arrange international training courses: Certified Usability Analyst and UI/UX Design Certified User Experience Analyst   contact us for information.

UI//UX Design certification nn/gux certification nng


With years of experience, hands and eyes that craft with meticulous care. We create simple beautiful experiences that people will love and enjoy using.


Using state of the art technologies & industry leading usability research methodologies we craft user friendly products that meet your business goals.


We build smart web and mobile products with integrated UI and business analytics that provide total visibility on design and business intelligence.

our philosophy

  • We believe the User Experience Matters. Our goal is to make the world user friendly. By implementing the scientific method (build, measure, learn) to carefully integrate new technologies with psychology, economics and awesomeness, we believe we can create fascinating easy-to-use experiences for the 'social good'. Let's cloud, crowd and collaborate.

    Nadeem Bakhsh
    Nadeem Bakhsh Senior UX, Usability & Ecommerce Consultant
  • We're passionate about the user experience. If it has a user interface (digital or otherwise) then we're there fighting for the user. At UXBERT we're all driven by a mission to spread the word of usability best practice to improve the user experience for both businesses and consumers.

    Farrukh Bandey
    Farrukh Bandey UX Research & Content Strategist
  • (Yousef is currently busy designing a philosophical background for this section. A picture is worth a thousand words.)

    Yousef Shanti
    Yousef Shanti UI / UX Designer

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