Education UX

We assist educational institutions and organizations to create products and applications that help their staff teach effectively and help students get more from their experience.

Enhanced communication between staff and students, seamless delivery of educational content and streamlined administration process. All goals easily attained when you implement user-centered design methods to designing and building your educational products and interfaces. By fully understanding the different goals of students, teachers and administrative staff, you can create products that deliver a smooth experience to everyone involved.

At UXBERT Labs, we start by thoroughly understanding everything we can about your end users. Whether it’s the students, teaching staff or management personnel, our insights help us design interfaces and applications that make accessing information easier, completing tasks simpler and produce an overall experience that is not only effective but enjoyable.

Partnering with our UX & Usability experts, your organization can:

  • Deliver educational content in a format that is actually helpful to students
  • Reduce student support costs by making information easy to find and useful
  • Create applications that improve the student experience

Our UX process will guarantee applications and designs that are:

  • Visually impressive boosting your institution’s prestige and brand
  • Designed based on the real needs of your users making them indispensable to their daily lives
  • Both web & mobile ready giving you a significant edge over your competition

Local Expertise Combined With Global Reach

UXBERT Labs is an award-winning UX web and mobile consultancy in Dubai & Riyadh. Our on the ground presence in the capitals of the two largest markets in the region make us the perfect partner for businesses from around the world with customers and users in the wider Gulf region.

Whatever your Web & Mobile research, design or development needs, we have the expertise to deliver you usable and beautiful products in Arabic and English that deliver exceptional ROI and experiences your customers will love.

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