8 Great UX Channels on Youtube

Sometimes you’re just not in the mood to read through a long article to learn about something new. That’s when videos come in really handy.

Watching videos may not only be more interesting, but it makes use of our dual-coding system which helps us retain and remember information better.

We’ve collected 8 great UX channels on Youtube that we think are great resources for learning UX. Check out the list below and if you think we’ve missed one that you’re a fan of, tweet us to let us know.

1. UX Mastery has over 1 million channel views. The videos are delivered in a storytelling animated mode making it easy to follow and grasp ideas. A great place to seek UX knowledge. 



2. Laith Wallace is a UX Designer and Brand Strategist who uploads weekly videos focusing on advice, tools, and motivation aimed at UX/UI designers, small businesses and people interested in getting started in UX.



3. Mike Locke is a well-established UI/UX designer and YouTuber. He shares his passion for UX by giving advice, motivation, and inspiration on his channel. He currently has over 200 videos and nearly 6 million views. 



4. Neuron UX covers all aspects of UX design in their videos. Videos are delivered in a lecture form from UX Director, Soudy Khan, where UX concepts and ideas are explained within minutes. It’s a great resource for aspiring user experience designers.



5. Human Factors International is the global leader in UX design science. The channel offers animated UX videos as well as interviews between leaders of the company discussing the Institutionalization of UX.  



6. Sarah Doody is a UX designer and entrepreneur who publishes a weekly UX newsletter called “The UX Notebook” and runs an online UX course. Her goal is to help people learn how to think like a designer.



7. Intel Software Youtube Channel has a playlist composed of UX how-to tutorial videos by UX pro Luke Wroblewski. He shares his expertise in brief content-rich videos. When it comes to Mobile UX in particular, these videos are an absolute must watch.



8. UXBERT Usability Lab could quite possibly be the very best channel to ever exist in the history of Youtube. It’s a masterpiece in the making, currently with videos and snippets of some of our projects and products. Subscribe to stay updated with Saudi Arabia’s first and only usability testing lab in the country.


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